48% Failed the JLPT N5 & JLPT N4 Exam in 2012

That Means Either You or the Person Next to You Will Fail

Are you worried YOU might be the one to fail?

If So, Skyrocket Your Chances with

The JLPT Kanji and Vocabulary Wall Chart

It is Your Key to Passing the JLPT the First Time you Take it!

N5 front view chart on the wall

The JLPT Wall Chart™ is a stunning poster with all the JLPT kanji and vocabulary in a very easy to learn format. Our customers tell us it made it very easy to review for the JLPT quickly.

The JLPT Wall Chart ensures that you are fully prepared for the JLPT so that your chances of passing will soar.It is the best strategy for the passing the JLPT.

Each chart covers one level of the JLPT and includes:

  • Full list of the JLPT N5 / N4 Kanji

  • All the JLPT N5 / N4 Vocabulary

  • The most commonly used radicals

  • English meanings included so you don’t need to use a dictionary

Why You Need The JLPT Wall Chart

  • It is the quickest and best way to review the JLPT kanji and vocabulary (this is the most popular feedback from our customers).
  • Seeing the chart on your wall everyday means you are automatically reviewing and this is the way to ace the JLPT.
  • The kanji and vocabulary are in an easy to study format so you learn them easily and effortlessly.
  • No need to waste time looking up words, all the English meanings are included.
  • It is perfect for quizing yourself to make sure you know the kanji and vocabulary .
  • Taking the chart with you on the road ensures you can study when you have a few minutes to spare. These small study sessions add up and skyrocket your chances of passing the JLPT.

“All the JLPT N5 kanji or JLPT N4 Kanji plus their kun and on readings, radicals & stroke count…”
All the JLPT Kanji

“A full list of the vocabulary for  JLPT N5 / N4 and their English meanings…”
Full List of JLPT Vocabulary

“The 72 most commonly used radicals, with their English and Japanese names…”
Radicals with English Names

“Place the chart on your wall so you see the JLPT kanji and vocabulary over and over again…”
Keep it on Your Wall

“All English meanings included so you don’t need to use a dictionary…”


Foldable so you can take it on the road and study anywhere..”

“Cheaper than buying separate kanji and vocabulary textbooks…”
Saves You Money

  • The Bottom Line…..

    Guaranteed Effective, Effortless Review, Easy, Super Affordable, Convenient

    Retaking the JLPT is 4x times more expensive than investing in the JLPT N5 or JLPT N4 Wall Chart so get your copy today.

    Get your copy of the JLPT Wall Chart™ today.


    JLPT Wall Chart N5

    ISBN-10: 0985528907

    All the JLPT N5 kanji

    JLPT N5 vocabulary

    Stroke count and radical for each kanji

    Easy-to-study format


    Price: $23.97

    JLPT Wall Chart N4

      ISBN-10: 0985528915

      JLPT N4 kanji

     JLPT N4 vocabulary

     Stroke count and radical for each kanji

      Easy-to-study format


      Price: $23.97

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